Insider's Malaga Tapas Tour

Discover the best tapas & wines on our insider's Malaga tapas tour! Learn why Iberian ham is the world's best, & visit hidden taverns loved by locals.

Dinner (9+ Tapas)
3 Hours
4 Tapas Stops
Passionate Guide

What's Included

  • A taste of the best authentic tapas in Malaga at off-the-beaten-path places that locals love, carefully selected from Malaga’s countless tapas bars
  • Try Malaga's signature fortified wines in a centuries old wine tavern, a 2,000 year tradition!
  • Discover our favorite hidden family-run tapas bar where the chef features seasonal local specialties
  • Taste the world's best (and most expensive!) hand-carved Iberian ham and meet an expert slicer
  • Learn about Malaga’s local culture and traditions and discover the unique gastronomic traditions that make Malaga so special
  • Sip on modern-style red and white wines from Malaga, drinks included at every stop!

Foodie Highlights

You'll Eat

  • Cured cheese and tuna
  • Selection of unique and delicious local cheeses
  • Sobrasada, a delicious spicy pork sausage
  • Spain's famous Marcona almonds in olive oil
  • Mojama, cured tuna loin
  • Tasting of 3 different types of Iberian ham
  • Homemade local artichokes with jamón
  • Freshly-fried Malaga anchovies
  • Malaga-style tuna stew
  • Meatballs with homemade almond sauce
  • Traditional homemade Spanish dessert with nougat ice cream

You'll Drink

  • Sweet Malaga wines poured straight from the barrel
  • Dry white wine from Malaga
  • Red wine from Ribera del Duero
  • Wine, beer or sangria with your tapas dinner
* Actual tastes may change depending on season or availability.
This tour is adaptable for...
  • Vegetarians
  • Pescatarians
  • Gluten free (not celiacs)
  • Dairy free
  • Non-alcoholic options
  • Pregnant women
  • Dietary restrictions
    We love providing delicious options for those with dietary needs. If you have a dietary requirement or food allergy, please note it when booking. Due to the risk of gluten cross-contamination, this tour is not adaptable for those with celiac disease. We do not recommend this tour for vegans.

    What to Expect on Your Tour

    Malaga is one of Spain’s most beautiful, fun and delicious cities! It’s got everything – mouthwatering ingredients, incredible local dishes and a staggering 4,000-year-long history. So ditch the tourist traps and come taste it all with us on our Insider’s Malaga Tapas Tour! But be warned– this is not your average tapas crawl!

    Your 3-hour evening tour will go beyond tapas, giving you an insider’s glimpse into Malaga’s rich culture, traditions, history, food and drink. And because the proud, passionate locals are such an important part of this story, you’ll get to meet the people behind this city’s wonderful flavours.

    The evening begins by stepping back in time, as you sip Malaga’s ancient signature wine in one of Spain’s most atmospheric taverns, founded in 1840! Here you’ll taste and learn all about the famous local winemaking tradition, and your guide will bring you up to speed on the ins and outs of doing tapas in Malaga (and Spain!). Next you’ll weave through the streets to the city’s most beloved family-run deli, where you’ll taste local Malaga cheeses and other delights. And what trip to Malaga would be complete without trying Spain’s most famous food – jamón? On this Malaga tapas tour we’ll take you to Malaga’s family-owned jamón temple where you’ll learn about this world-famous delicacy, see the masters slice it and taste the best of the best (these guys have won ham Oscars three times!). And, of course, you’ll pair it with fantastic wine.

    Finally, your passionate English-speaking guide will lead you to a sit-down tapas feast at our favorite traditional tapas bar in the city. For over 30 years the same family has run this Malaga institution with love and passion, and it’s THE place for locals who love to eat well. Home cooked tapas, great wine and a knock-out dessert – it’s the perfect finale to your tapas adventure.

    But it’s not all about the food! As you eat your way around town, your guide will reveal the story behind the different civilizations – Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and others – who have called Malaga home, as well as the city’s interesting traditions and local culture.

    As with all Devour Malaga food tours, you’ll be led by one of our small team of expert English-speaking guides. And you’ll get our Devouring Malaga guide, which is packed with all our favourite places to eat and drink in the city, so you’ll be eating well for the rest of your stay! Join us to experience the city’s amazing tapas, incredible wine, culture and history – all through a local’s eyes!

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    About Our Expert Guides

    Your tour will be lead by one of our expert, English-speaking guides. They’re all gifted storytellers who are smart, passionate and talented and whose excitement for this country is contagious!

    Meet them here!

    Map Your Tour

    Meeting point Calle Marqués de Larios, 18
    Places we'll visit Malaga's beautiful history centre

    Malaga's historic center, full of breathtaking sites and great family-run stores, bars and restaurants!

    Ending point Plaza de Uncibay

    Rave Reviews for This Tour

    Great question! A Devour Malaga food tour is a fun, fascinating and (most importantly!) delicious introduction to the incredible city of Malaga. Our food tours visit some of the city’s best traditional eateries, including tapas bars, local markets, taverns and shops, and hidden gems that few even know exist! You’ll taste some of Malaga's best local food, and gain fascinating insight into its age-old traditions. We keep our groups small and every tour is led by an English-speaking guide who knows Malaga like the back of their hand, and loves it to bits.
    The tour lasts approximately 3 hours (give or take 15 minutes). The tour covers approximately 1.7kms/1 mile
    Don’t worry, you won’t be part of a massive hoard following a guide with a flag or a flamenco fan! We keep our groups small and intimate, so the tour can squeeze into small, hidden places and you get personal time with your guide. The maximum number of guests on this tour is usually 10 people and we only require two guests to operate a tour.
    We want as many people to be able to enjoy our tours as possible. Scroll up the page a little to see what dietary restrictions this tour is adaptable for.
    Families love getting a true taste of Malaga together on this tour. The tastes are suited to kids and teens, and your guide will bring a fun worksheet full of games and puzzles for younger kids to complete during the tour. We also offer child and teen pricing. We look forward to having your family along!
    The tour does not include transport to the meeting place, or from the ending point (ask your guide for guidance at the end of the tour if you’re not sure where you are).Also, please feel free to tip your guide if you think they did a great job! The standard gratuity in the tour industry is 10-15%.
    Most importantly, your appetite!Also, keep in mind that tours take place rain or shine, so please dress appropriately and bring an umbrella if it looks like rain. Also, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking a few kilometres. Finally, while we do serve water on the tour at some stops, we recommend you bring a bottle of water.
    Of course! We regularly offer private tours to families, groups of friends and corporate groups. Email us your group size, the date you'd like the tour and anything else you'd like us to keep in mind, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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