5 Reasons Why Eating Mediterranean Is The Way To Go!

This blog post was originally posted on April 19th, 2016 and was updated on July 14th, 2017

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of eating Mediterranean…

5 reasons why eating the Mediterranean way is the way to go

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About 10 years ago people all threw out their butter and margarine and started to use olive oil. Everyoone also seemed to collectively realize that a glass of red wine a day had health benefits and that was it. But the Mediterranean Diet is so much more than that!

Here in Malaga, where you can dip your toes in the Mediterranean Sea every morning, where olive groves are not too far away, and where local wines are the way to go, eating Mediterranean is just what we do. Now the real question: Why should you jump on the bandwagon? Here’s five reasons why eating Mediterranean is the way to go!

1. Olives and Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also part of the Mediterranean Diet
Liquid gold: local extra virgin olive oil

There is little in life that is better than fresh olive oil. In Malaga it’s what we use for cooking every day. In fact the best fried fish is made with extra virgin olive oil. This has two benefits: it is healthier and also you can reuse it because it is such high quality. We also enjoy olive oil along with tomato on our bread in the morning, or even drizzled over some cheese with a bit of rosemary for added flavor. As for the olives themselves, well there are so many different kinds that we are sure you will enjoy one of them! Spain is one of the biggest producers of olives in the world, so here you have a good chance of finding some varieties that maybe you didn’t know about before!

2. A little wine and I’m fine.

A glass of red wine is part of the Mediterranean Diet
A glass of red wine with your meal is part of the Mediterranean Diet

We here at Devour Malaga have been known to enjoy a glass of wine from one time to another. Another reason we love the Mediterranean diet is the chance to indulge in a glass of red wine. The difference is that instead of having a glass of wine on its own, when you are eating Mediterranean, you enjoy a small glass of wine with your meal. We think that makes things much more civilized! (And we’ve noticed that we actually drink less wine this way…a side benefit!)

3. Lots of legumes and veggies.

Legumes and Veggies, like this chickpea and spinach tapa are a big part of Eating Mediterranean
Legumes and Veggies, like this chickpea and spinach tapa are a big part of Eating Mediterranean

We know that this sounds a bit odd as a reason why eating Mediterranean is great, but it’s true! We have rediscovered the chickpea, the faba bean and the lentil as part of our diet. One of the best things in the winter is a hearty stew with veggies and one of these legumes. We are especially partial to lentil soup with veggies. Some people add in chorizo, as well for flavor. Another favorite vegan tapa (most popular in Seville) is spinach with chickpeas.

4. Fresh fish.

Fresh fish like this grilled squid is also part of a Mediterranean Diet
Fresh fish like this grilled squid is also part of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet includes less red meat and more fish and chicken. Here in Malaga that’s no problem as one of the star ingredients in our diet is fish. We eat all types of fish in many different ways: fried, grilled, in stew or soup, on a skewer! Whatever you try it’s bound to be delicious and healthy. Malaga began as a fishing town, so you can imagine that we’ve got a bit of experience in this area.

5. Slow down!

Part of the Mediterranean Diet is slowing down and enjoying your meal
Enjoying a meal by the beach in Malaga

One of the points of the Mediterranean diet that we love most, and perhaps the part that is most overlooked, is the aspect of speed. One of the reasons that eating Mediterranean is so healthy is that it forces you to slow down. Eating is a family event here (or at least an event enjoyed with friends or co-workers). We would never think of relinquishing our sit down meal in the middle of the day or an evening dinner where you linger at the table. A big part of the Mediterranean diet is simply enjoying the fresh food and local products.

If you would like to learn more about the Mediterranean way of eating, what better way to do so than join us on a food tour! Fresh produce in the local markets, delicious olives, and of course, a hearty serving of wine and more– what else could you need?!

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