10 Reasons You Can’t Miss Devour Andalusia

There are so many reasons not to miss our super exciting new 9-day tour around Andalusia! We’ve managed to boil it down to just 10 absolute essentials… This is a unique opportunity to eat your way around this glorious region in the south of Spain. Guided by Devour’s co-founders, you’ll be in the best possible […]

Essentials for a Kitchen in Malaga

Ever wondered what a proper Malagueño can’t cook without? Well, wonder no more! Take a look at some of these essentials for a kitchen in Malaga… While a kitchen anywhere in Spain generally contains similar tools and ingredients, there’s always a bit of variety. More often than not, you’ll notice the same ingredients popping up […]

Our Favorite Comfort Food in Malaga

Despite what they say, it can get a bit chilly here on the Costa del Sol. We find the best way to keep warm is with our favorite comfort food in Malaga! Yes, we know, it is hard to believe – it does occasionally get a little on the frosty side here in Malaga. While […]