Best Blogs About Malaga in Spanish

This blog post was originally posted on April 25th, 2016 and was updated on June 14th, 2017

Here are some of the best blogs about Malaga in Spanish to get you ready for your visit!

Best Blogs about Malaga in Spanish

Best blogs about Malaga – Photo Credit: Nina

So you’ve decided to visit Malaga. First off, you’re in good company. Malaga is in style as a vacation destination what with the opening of the Pompidou Centre, dozens of cruise ships docking at the port and, of course the 300 days of sun, scrumptious food, beaches, art and history. Of course, if you want to know a bit more about why your destination is so wonderful, you don’t have to take our word for it– check out our list of the best blogs about Malaga in Spanish!

Best Blogs about Malaga in Spanish: My Guia de Viajes
My Guia de Viajes by Fran Soler

1. According to Fran, “The best trip is your next one”

One of our favorite Malaga blogs is My Guia de Viajes, Malaga native Fran Soler chronicles his trips around the world. He began writing his blog in the summer of 2008 with the idea of sharing his travel experiences so that they could be useful for others. Fran offers helpful information on destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, as well as in Spain. Make sure to check out his tab “Malagamanía” as it has great info about our city, where to stay, where to eat, and insider explanations of festivals including the August Fair and Holy Week.

Best Blogs about Malaga in Spanish : El Boquerón Viajero
El Boquerón Viajero by Pedro Ramirez and Abby Roule

2. Travel with a bilingual and bicultural perspective

Pedro and Abby have been writing El Boquerón Viajero since 2011. One of the few bilingual Malaga blogs, they began writing their blog as a way to share their passion for discovering new places and exploring their world both near and far. Pedro is originally from Malaga, so this blog offers an insider’s view on the traditions and food of the city. Abby is from Pennsylvania, but she’s lived in Spain for over five years and the couple has recently relocated from New York City to Malaga, so this is a blog to watch for new places to check out in Malaga. Since people from Malaga are called “boquerones” after the small fish that is commonly eaten here, the mascot of the blog is Rusko a stuffed animal version of the “boqueron” complete with a baseball cap and backpack ready for new adventures.

Best Blogs about Malaga in Spanish: Paco, Vero y Helia Una Familia Viajera
Paco, Vero y Helia Una Familia Viajera

3. Travel with family

This is a great blog written by Paco and Vero about traveling with kids. The couple from Malaga has always enjoyed travel and when their daughter, Helia, was born, they decided to take her along for the ride. The blog is very useful with great information about Spain, Malaga and beyond. Make sure to check out their advice on traveling with children and cruise ships they recommend.

Best Blogs about Malaga in Spanish: La Próxima Parada
La Próxima Parada Blog by José Carlos Domínguez

4. Hiking his way into your heart

José Carlos writes this fun travel blog about his hiking routes and trips in Spain and around the world. One of my favorite parts is his “travel challenges” where he updates us on the countries and the wonders of the world he’s visited. A Malaga native, José Carlos has a lot of information not only about Málaga and it’s festivals, but also about travel from Malaga to other destinations, including Madrid. This is also a great blog to check out if you are interested in rural tourism and hiking, as he has posted about different routes in Malaga specifying the difficulty and time it might take you to hike them.

Best Blogs about Malaga in Spanish: El Próximo Viaje by Maria Victoria Rodríguez
El Próximo Viaje by Maria Victoria Rodríguez

5. A new definition of “trip”

In her personal blog, Maria Victoria Rodríguez, ex-travel agent and blogger for Diario del Viajero, writes about the things that catch her eye, things she likes and that make her happy. Shouldn’t we all aim for that goal? If you are ready to come along for the ride, Maria Victoria posts about her trips around the world, as well as close to home (which for her is Marbella in the province of Malaga). Check out her photographs on Facebook and Instagram, too!

Best Blogs about Malaga in Spanish: Malaga en el Corazón by Carlos Díaz Ruíz
Malaga en el Corazón by Carlos Díaz Ruíz

6. Malaga in our hearts

One of the most passionate Malaga blogs, Carlos has written the blog “Malaga En El Corazon” since June of 2005 with the idea of sharing his city with people from around the world. He takes the majority of his own photos and his blog includes posts on the history, culture, food and sites to see in Malaga. This is a great resource for general information about Malaga. It is clear that Carlos is proud of the city we call home!

Best Blogs About Malaga in Spanish: Malaga Monumental
Blog Malaga Monumental by Salvador García Aranda

7. For history buffs

Malaga Monumental, written by Salvador García Aranda, explains the history of different buildings, traditions and gastronomy of Malaga. The blog is well organized and easy to access with a long list of topics. The best part about this blog is that you can pick and choose what interests you most in Malaga, or get the back story on a place you’ve already visited.

Are you planning to visit us in Malaga? Check out our blog too for lots of great information about the city, and don’t forget to join us on a food tour while you are here! 

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