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Insider's Malaga Tapas Tour

Malaga is one of Spain’s most beautiful, fun and delicious cities! It’s got everything – mouthwatering ingredients, incredible local dishes and a staggering 4,000-year-long history. So ditch the tourist traps and come taste it all with us on our Insider’s Malaga Tapas Tour! But be warned– this is not your average tapas crawl!

Your 3-hour evening tour will go beyond tapas, giving you an insider’s glimpse into Malaga’s rich culture, traditions, history, food and drink. And because the proud, passionate locals are such an important part of this story, you’ll get to meet the people behind this city’s wonderful flavours.

The evening begins by stepping back in time, as you sip Malaga’s ancient signature wine in one of Spain’s most atmospheric taverns, founded in 1840! Here you’ll taste and learn all about the famous local winemaking tradition, and your guide will bring you up to speed on the ins and outs of doing tapas in Malaga (and Spain!). Next you’ll weave through the streets to the city’s most beloved family-run deli, where you’ll taste local Malaga cheeses and other delights. And what trip to Malaga would be complete without trying Spain’s most famous food – jamón? On this Malaga tapas tour we’ll take you to Malaga’s family-owned jamón temple where you’ll learn about this world-famous delicacy, see the masters slice it and taste the best of the best (these guys have won ham Oscars three times!). And, of course, you’ll pair it with fantastic wine.

Finally, your passionate English-speaking guide will lead you to a sit-down tapas feast at our favorite traditional tapas bar in the city. For over 30 years the same family has run this Malaga institution with love and passion, and it’s THE place for locals who love to eat well. Home cooked tapas, great wine and a knock-out dessert – it’s the perfect finale to your tapas adventure.

But it’s not all about the food! As you eat your way around town, your guide will reveal the story behind the different civilizations – Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and others – who have called Malaga home, as well as the city’s interesting traditions and local culture.

As with all Devour Malaga food tours, you’ll be led by one of our small team of expert English-speaking guides. And you’ll get our Devouring Malaga guide, which is packed with all our favourite places to eat and drink in the city, so you’ll be eating well for the rest of your stay! Join us to experience the city’s amazing tapas, incredible wine, culture and history – all through a local’s eyes!

Discover Malaga Food Tour
Discover Malaga Food Tour Image

Join us on our daytime Malaga food tour to discover all of Malaga’s local products and specialities. A city known for its incredible food, wine, and tapas, there’s no better way to discover it all than through a food tour with us! On this 2.5-hour walk, you’ll discover the city’s secrets, traditions and culture while tasting the very best Malaga has to offer!

Start your day at one of Malaga’s most famous cafés! You’ll try two Spanish breakfast staples—freshly fried churros, and a delicious toast topped with grated tomato, olive oil and salt.

After breakfast, it’s time for a little walking! Not only will you hear the story behind one of Malaga’s main squares and another hidden gem, but you’ll also come to understand the tradition behind the vibrant flamenco dresses you see in shop windows!

Next up, we’re off to the market! No visit to Malaga is complete without a stroll through this market’s buzzing stalls. This is the perfect place to try some of Malaga’s best local products, which is exactly what you’ll be doing. Olives, ham, cured meats, cheese and more!

Next, you’ll visit Malaga’s oldest wine bar, where you’ll learn about the region’s winemaking tradition, sample wine and enjoy a delicious tuna and cheese skewer.

Last but not least, you’ll visit one of our favorite traditional tapas bars in Malaga to taste the best homemade tapas that the city has to offer!

At the end of the tour, your local expert guide will make sure to give plenty of suggestions as to how to spend the rest of your day. And as with all Devour Malaga tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Malaga guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Malaga like a local!

Malaga Ham Tasting Experience
Malaga Ham Tasting Experience Image

Spanish ham is a local source of pride– and not all hams are created equal!

Join our passionate ham experts at a famous local jamón shop in Malaga’s city center and sit down to an hour-long tasting of the best Spanish ham in town. You’ll learn all about this celebrated tradition, from how the animals are raised to how the meat is cured. You’ll see the different parts of the ham and learn what each is used for — and how to order the prime cuts of pork and ham in a restaurant!

Foodie Feast & Cultural Walking Tour
Foodie Feast & Cultural Walking Tour Image

Malaga is the definition of Mediterranean charm, with both sunny beaches and gorgeous mountain views. A true land of plenty, this is one of Spain’s most incredible regions for food and drink– and the locals embrace their food traditions with gusto! From the freshest seafood to one of the oldest wine regions in the world, Malaga is an incredible place to eat your way around town.

Join us on our 3.5 hour walking food tour and delve deep into Malaga’s amazing culinary traditions. You’ll receive our award-winning combination of cultural city tour and quality food experience– complete with the highlights of Malaga’s incredible history and plenty of food and drink. As you eat your way around town, you’ll learn all about the different civilizations who have made Malaga’s gastronomy so unforgettable. This morning tour is so much more than “just a tapas tour”– your expert English-speaking guide will take you off the beaten track and into five family-run food businesses where you’ll taste the true flavor of Malaga – from breakfast to dessert.

Stops include a traditional Spanish breakfast café where you will start the day like a local, the Atarazanas market where colorful displays of produce create the perfect photo opportunity and the buzz of daily life in the market creates an authentic Malaga experience, an off-the-beaten-path wine shop for a local wine tasting where you will find out why Malaga’s wines are so special, and our favorite traditional tapas bar in Malaga to taste the best homemade tapas that the city has to offer!

Along the way, your guide will lead you on a walking city tour of the city’s most famous sites and it’s best kept secrets, from stunning hidden plazas to tiny alleyways where most tourists would never know to look! You will hear stories of Malaga’s interesting past, and see how different civilizations have shaped the fabulous city that we have today.

As with all Devour Malaga food tours, you’ll be led by one of our small team of expert English-speaking guides. And you’ll get our Devouring Malaga guide, which is packed with all our favourite places to eat and drink in the city, so you’ll be eating well for the rest of your stay!

Book your Devour Malaga food tour and experience Malaga through a local’s eyes. Meet the hardworking families behind your food, learn the ins and outs of Malaga’s unique food and tapas culture, and let loose with some of the best tastes in town. For 3+ hours of food and fun, come join us!

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