The Best Ice Cream In Malaga

We’ve found the best ice cream in Malaga, and if you’re like us, you won’t settle for anything but the best! Ice cream is a summertime treat that is a family favorite all year round, and no trip to Malaga, the city of Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol, would be complete without trying some. However, being […]

Five Foods From Malaga That Will Surprise You

Thanks to our wonderful local markets, it’s easy to find interesting and delicious foods typical to Malaga. The movement to eat locally has been around for a while now. We all know that it is important to buy local produce, meats and fish whenever possible, and why wouldn’t you? There is so much to be said for […]

Best Blogs About Malaga in Spanish

Here are some of the best blogs about Malaga in Spanish to get you ready for your visit! So you’ve decided to visit Malaga. First off, you’re in good company. Malaga is in style as a vacation destination what with the opening of the Pompidou Centre, dozens of cruise ships docking at the port and, […]