New Year, New Things to do in Malaga in January!

January tends to be a calmer month in Malaga as the Christmas holidays wind down, but nevertheless, it’s a great time to visit the city! One of the things we love about living in Spain is that the holidays don’t end on New Year’s Day. We celebrate Three Kings Day on January the 6th, which […]

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Spending New Year’s Eve in Malaga

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Malaga is a great way to kick off the New Year. Make sure to eat a grape for every chime as the clock strikes 12 and you'll have good luck all year long!

Are you planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Malaga this year? If so, you’ve picked a great way to ring in the New Year. Thanks to the mild temperatures and vibrant city center there is always something going on, and no matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure your year will be off to […]

Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Balls (Bolitas de Coco)

Wherever you look in Malaga during the festive season it seems there is a new sweet treat to tempt you. One of our favorite are the chocolate coconut balls (bolitas de coco). Of course, you can buy them in the store, wrapped in brightly colored tin foil, but it’s just as easy to make them at […]

8 Awesome Ideas for Christmas Gifts from Malaga

It can be difficult to think of what to get your friends and family for the holidays. We're here to help with 8 awesome ideas for Christmas Gifts from Málaga. Happy Holidays, everyone!

We love Christmas in Spain with all the lights, decorations and delicious food. Of course, the Christmas season also means buying gifts for our friends and family. If you’re stumped for ideas like us, check out these eight ideas for awesome Christmas gifts from Málaga. One of the best ideas for gift giving is something […]

7 Must Try Holiday Sweets in Malaga

7 Must Try Holiday Sweets in Malaga

We all know the holidays just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the sweets. The holidays are a great time to visit Malaga! The weather is mild and there are plenty of sunny days to spend exploring the city. There’s lots to do in Malaga at Christmas, but it’s the sweets we really […]

Where to Eat in the Historic Center of Malaga

Where to eat in the historic center of Malaga

Both “malagueños” and tourists alike have difficulty knowing where to eat in Malaga’s historic center, but don’t worry, there are still hidden gems to be found. We say this because as rent goes up in the historic area, and more and more tourists come in, places that in years past were great tapas joints, no […]

Sweeten Up at the Best Pastry Shops in Malaga!

Delicious Pastries in Malaga

If there is one thing that will turn a grey afternoon into a happy occasion, it is a delicious pastry shop! We simply can’t resist the pull of flaky pastry dough, chocolate and cream filling and maybe a nice cup of café con leche to wash it down. But finding the best pastries can be a […]

Our Favorite Boutique Hotels in Malaga

Boutique Hotels in Malaga

So you’ve booked your flight to Malaga, now all that’s left is to find the perfect place to stay! To help you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite boutique hotels in Malaga. Each one is unique and offers a different side to the city. We’re sure that you’ll be happy at any one of […]

Things to do in Malaga in November

Things to do in Malaga in November

It’s around this time of year that we really begin to feel lucky to live in a city like Malaga. As we watch the temperature dip in Northern Spain and back home, the temperatures here are still pretty mild (20ºC/68ºF) and an early evening run on the beach is still a possibility. It’s a great […]

Celebrating Halloween in Malaga

Halloween in Malaga

Halloween is a recent import to Spain, but every year it grows in popularity with people looking forward to a night of scary fun! Of course, if you are here for a few more days, you might catch the celebrations for All Saint’s Day on November 1st. That being said, Halloween in Malaga is a […]