Our Favorite Things to do in Malaga in August!

There are lots of things to do in Malaga in August! August is a popular month in Malaga. The beaches are filled with brightly colored umbrellas and towels, people stay out late into the night and; of course, it is the month of Malaga’s fair! With so much going on in Malaga this month, we […]

Our Guide to the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Malaga

Vegetarian Restaurants in Malaga

A little wary of finding vegetarian food in Malaga? While it is true that many dishes in Spain feature ham or fish, there are also a growing number of vegetarian options. In Malaga there are an increasing number of delicious restaurants where you can try traditional Spanish food that is also vegetarian. We’ve found several […]

Recipe: Ajo Blanco (A Cold Garlic and Almond Soup)

A great summer starter, make sure to try this ajo blanco recipe! Typical of Andalusia and sure to please!

Ajo Blanco Recipe: A Refreshing Summer Soup from Andalusia This ajo blanco recipe couldn’t be easier, and it is perfect for these hot summer days! Ajo Blanco, which literally translates to “White Garlic” is surprisingly mild and very tasty. You can also switch it up by adding different garnishes. We’ve seen ajo blanco made with […]

Where to Stay in Malaga

Wondering where to stay in Malaga? Malaga is a city that is longer than it is wide. Stretched out along the Mediterranean coast to make the most of its shoreline, we’ve heard people say that Malaga is a city that lives “facing the sea.” We’re not 100% sure what that means, but we do know […]

Hidden Treasures: The Best Vintage Stores in Malaga

Looking for some great vintage clothes in Malaga? One of the things about Malaga that you might not realize at first glance is the very cool artsy vibe that exists in our city. We are known for our museums and cultural events, but we also have great shopping, especially if you are the kind of […]

Unique Museums in Malaga

These unique museums in Malaga are well worth a visit! Malaga is a city that is becoming well known in the art world for its many museums. Not all these museums, however, are dedicated to paintings and sculptures. In fact, there are lots of museums that will take you off the beaten path. There is […]

The Best Places for Churros in Malaga

Where to find the Best Churros in Malaga Churros may be one of the quintessential Spanish foods (at least in the eyes of many visitors). The crispy fried dough will forever conjure up memories of late nights dancing at the fair, a rainy day treat while shopping with a friend, or just a special breakfast […]

Things to do in Malaga in July

5 things to do in Malaga in July that will leave you wishing summer lasted forever! Summer in the south of Spain has always been something magical for us. The days are impossibly long (the sun doesn’t go down until at least 10pm) and the hot temperatures make everything more relaxed. Everyone seems to be […]

How to Not Look like a Tourist in Malaga

Want to look like a local? Here’s five tips on how to not look like a tourist in Malaga this summer. So, it’s summertime, and as the temperatures warm up there are more and more visitors to our fair city! We are more than happy to have people come to Malaga any time of year, […]

Memories of Malaga: 5 Typical Souvenirs from Malaga

So, you’ve been to Malaga. Now what to bring home? Malaga Souvenirs 101. If you talk to the locals, they are quick to point out that Malaga (capital) was not a tourist destination up until about 10 years ago. Sure, people knew about the Costa del Sol, but visitors would vacation along the coast more […]