Destination Fall: 5 Weekend Getaways From Malaga

This blog post was originally posted on September 7th, 2015 and was updated on August 9th, 2017

With impossibly blue skies, cool nights and sunny days, Malaga is the perfect fall destination.

The temperatures are mild, there is still time to sneak in one last dip at the beach, and with less visitors around, it’s the perfect time to plan some weekend getaways from Malaga. But where are we headed? Here are five places you’ll want to put on your Andalusian travel list this fall.

5 Plans for a fall weekend getaway in Malaga that you won't be able to resist!

1. Enjoy a Malaga weekend getaway in the mountains

If you have been longing to get away from the city and surround yourself with nature, rent a car and head to the Sierra de Grazalema. About two hours drive to the west, this beautiful natural park stretches between the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve.

With numerous trails to hike throughout the park, you can truly disconnect in this weekend getaway. Stay overnight in the picturesque pueblo blanco (white village) of Grazalema, which has been declared an artistic historical site. Make sure to try the local gastronomy while you are here. Some of the specialties include roast lamb, asparagus soup, cured cheeses, and acorn cake, perfect dishes for a fall evening!

Visit the Sierra de Grazalema and enjoy the views and the gastronomy! A perfect weekend getaway from Malaga!
Gorgeous Views of the Sierra de Grazalema. Photo by Coquijac

2. Explore the Torcal and the gastronomy of Antequera

About an hour to the east of Malaga you will come across a very unique nature reserve. The Torcal is a Karst topography with rock formations that look like someone placed them there on purpose. You can take tours of the area through the visitors center, including a night time visit (although bundle up because the temperature dips quite a bit at night.)

In town, make sure to eat one of the molletes (a type of bread originally from Antequera) and try the porra (a cold tomato soup topped with tuna, ham and hard boiled egg). This is a perfect weekend getaway from Malaga that will give you a very different view than the coast.

Another great weekend getaway from Malaga is going to Antequera in the fall. One of the things you can see there is the Torcal.
The Torcal de Antequera is truly breathtaking! Photo by Cristóbal Poyato

3. Enjoy the Fall Foliage in the Sierra Nevadas

While the south of Spain is not known for its impressive fall foliage, just 3 hours drive from Malaga you will find the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Here you can stay at a rural hotel and hike trails through the wooded areas, enjoying the yellows, oranges and browns of autumn.

There are also delicious dishes typical of this area including a chestnut stew, garlic soup with ham and migas served along with a fried egg and papas a lo pobre – all things that will warm you up if the air happens to be cool and crisp!

The Sierrra Nevadas make for the perfect fall weekend getaway from Malaga! Gorgeous fall colors and cozy cabins!
The Sierra Nevadas with the gorgeous fall foliage! Photo by Santi Martin

4. Get lost in the white villages of Axarquia

Fall is the perfect time to explore some of the white villages of Malaga. For a uniquely Andalusian weekend getaway from Malaga, plan a route that takes you through the white villages of Axarquia, to the east of Malaga. S

tart your route in Comares with it’s impressive castle, then continue on to Cútar, El Borge, Almáchar (where they celebrate the festival of AjoBlanco the first Saturday in September). These are just a few of the stops you might consider, although there are plenty of small towns each with their own charm. We love devouring all the typical dishes from this area, such as ajo blanco, sopa de maimones, migas and ropa vieja.

A beautiful time to visit the white towns, this is a perfect fall weekend getaway from Malaga!
The beautiful white town of Cómpeta. Photo by John Dunford

5. Go vineyard hopping in Malaga and Ronda

Malaga is known for its sweet wines, but you will also find some delicious reds and whites. Start your route in Ojen, which is about 7km outside Marbella. The wine museum there is in the old anis distillery. Continue on to Ronda where you can enjoy both the town (which is one of the oldest in Spain) and the surrounding vineyards. Make sure to plan ahead so that you can visit a few.

We suggest you spend the night in Ronda and enjoy a nice meal with the typical foods from the area. Then, on your way back to Malaga you can stop in Arriate with its smaller family run bodegas. This really is the perfect weekend getaway for wine lovers!

The Vineyards in Ronda are a great option for a weekend getaway from Malaga
The beautiful valley of Ronda, where you will find vineyards worth a visit! – Photo Credit: Dave Shea

Before you leave, don’t forget to join us on a delicious food tour! We will taste local wines, devour local specialities, and make sure you leave feeling like you’ve had a great overview of our wonderful city.

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