Don’t Break the Bank! 7 Cheap Things to do in Malaga

This blog post was originally posted on August 28th, 2015 and was updated on March 6th, 2017

Travel is often associated with spending a lot of money, but in fact, Spain is a relatively cheap place to take a vacation!

In many bars you get a free snack or tapa with your drink, you can take advantage of the filling three-course menu del día, and just walking around the old section of the cities or having a coffee in the plaza can be a lovely afternoon.

That doesn’t mean we want to throw caution to the wind however, and we definitely know how to spot a good deal when we see one. There are lots of cheap things to do in Malaga that will keep both your wallet and your inner explorer happy!

Cheap things to do in MalagaPhoto Credit: Marlies Strobl 

1. Visit a Moorish Fortress

For less that you would pay for a cup of coffee back home you can visit a Moorish fortress that dates back to the 11th century. The Alcazaba is one of Spain’s best preserved Moorish citadels and it’s a gorgeous place to get a glimpse of the past.

Walk along the paths and step into the buildings. It’s like walking through history, with gorgeous views of Malaga to boot! This is a must on our list of cheap things to do in Malaga.

Price Tag? 2.20 euros

The Alcazaba is surprisingly inexpensive. One of the cheap things to do in Malaga that is well worth the time and entrance fee!
Did you know the Alcazaba is OLDER than the Alhambra?

2. Stroll through the Market

Another one of the cheap things to do in Malaga is also a foodie’s dream. Take a stroll through Atarazanas Market and enjoy the smells, sounds and colors of this centuries-old market.

Make sure to take a taste of the dried fruit and nuts, as well as the fried and salted almonds which are very addictive! Then head to the far corner where you can find delicious shrimp skewers and ice cold beer, which is the perfect snack as you continue your sightseeing!

Price tag? Under 5 euros

We love this market so much that we feature it on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Malaga Food Tour— if you want to learn about the story behind this wonderful place, make sure you come along!

One of the cheap things to do in Malaga that is also a foodie's dream is taking a stroll through Atarazanas Market and nibbling as you go.
The fried salted almonds from Atarazanas market are addictive!

3. Learn about the Wines of Malaga

Malaga is a city known for its museums, and one of the more unique museums is the Wine Museum. You can learn about the different wines of Malaga, as well as taste two of the wines from the area during your visit.

The museum also partners with different wineries and can assist you in booking a tour! This is a great way to get an introduction to the different wines at the beginning of your trip so that you will know what you like and what to order when you are dining in the area. Alternatively, our food tour also introduces you to the world of wines with a wine tasting included!

Price Tag? 5 euros gets you entrance to the museum and a taste of 2 wines (with an additional wine tasting for 1 euro more). We’d say that qualifies for our list of cheap things to do in Malaga!

If you enjoy wine, make sure to head to the Wine Museum, another of the cheap things to do in Malaga
Lovely barrels of Malaga Sweet Wine

4. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some churros and chocolate

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it would have to be that churros and chocolate are the quintessential Spanish treat! Another one of our favorite cheap things to do in Malaga is to head over to Casa Aranda for some churros dipped in thick chocolate. Pick a table outside so that you can people watch and if you find that you need a few more churros to share, that’s okay. You can splurge!

Price Tag? Less than 5 euros for chocolate and churros to share

One of the cheap things to do in Malaga if you have a sweet tooth is share a plate of crispy churros and hot chocolate.
Crispy churros ready to be dunked in hot chocolate at Casa Aranda

5. Enjoy sunset with a drink and a view

Drive up to the Parador Hotel at Gibralfaro just before sunset. From there you will have a spectacular view of Malaga from up above and there is a little bar where you can order something to drink as you watch the sun slip away. This is a gorgeous spot to begin the evening and one of our favorite views of the city!

Price Tag? The view and parking are free (Drink prices vary.)

One of the more romantic cheap things to do in Malaga is watch the sunset from the Parador at Gibralfaro Castle.
You just can’t beat a view like this at sunset!

 6. Have an Artistic Afternoon

Museums fees can get expensive, especially when they are in a touristic capital city. However just because you are watching your budget doesn’t mean that you have to forego the artistic experience!

For some budget friendly experiences, visit Malaga’s lesser known museums including the Museum of Art and Popular Customs or the Interactive Music Museum. Some galleries are even free including the Jorge Rando Museum and the Center for Contemporary Art!

Price Tag? General Admission to the Interactive Music Museum is 4 euros, 3 euros for students and free for children under 6. General Admission to the Art and Popular Customs museum is 4 euros or 2 euros reduced price.

Art Work at Museum of Art and Customs. This is one way to see art and one of the cheap things to do in Malaga
Art Work at Museum of Art and Customs

7. Dinner by the Sea

One of the most typical sandwiches in Malaga is the campero. It is a special round bread that is served toasted panini style and stuffed with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and sometimes chicken. You can find variations of the campero all around the city.

We suggest heading out to the Pedregalejo neighborhood and trying your campero sandwich at a place called Mafalda (Paseo Marítimo el Pedregal, 71), which is a family run place with 15  different types of camperos. It’s located just just steps from the beach making it the perfect place to take a stroll after your meal!

Price Tag? 5 euros for a campero sandwich

Another of the cheap things to do in Malaga is enjoy a campero sandwich for dinner and then take a walk on the beach
The famous campero sandwich!

And those are just a few ideas! Do you want to explore more of Malaga? Join one of our Devour Food Tours. Eating your way through this city is the best way to get to know Malaga!

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