Our Favorite Comfort Food in Malaga

Despite what they say, it can get a bit chilly here on the Costa del Sol. We find the best way to keep warm is with our favorite comfort food in Malaga!

Yes, we know, it is hard to believe – it does occasionally get a little on the frosty side here in Malaga. While the sun is usually shining, the temperatures tend to drop at night in the winter months (all two of them!) If you’re planning a winter break, it’s essential to be armed against inclement weather. What better way than with some warming comfort food? Here are some of our favorites!


Devour Malaga's ultimate guide to the best comfort food in Malaga - perfect for keeping you warm during a winter visit!

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Berza Malagueña

Berza Malagueña is everything you could possibly want in a comforting winter dish. Comprised of beef, pork, and chicken, as well as chickpeas, beans, potatoes, and carrots, this hearty stew is a classic in Malaga. Guaranteed to beat the cold!

Berza Malagueña, some of our favorite comfort food in Malaga!
Keep warm with this hearty Malagueña stew! Photo credit: Rental Cars

Tortilla de Patatas

Arguably one of the purest forms of tortilla de patatas, all you need for the Malaga version of this dish (besides the obligatory eggs and potatoes) is garlic, parsley, and some seasoning. Simple, elegant and absolutely delicious! While often eaten cold, this dish is excellent served hot as well – perfect for a winter’s day.

Tortilla de patatas, some of our favorite comfort food in Malaga.
A favorite in Malaga – tortilla de patatas! Photo credit: Peque Recetas

If you like the sound of exploring the winter dishes of Malaga, why not join us on one of our fantastic food tours? Soak up some culture while enjoying delectable local cuisine!

Churros con Chocolate

If you’re after something sweet, look no further than a plate of churros con chocolate. We have a special kind of churro in Malaga, nicknamed the tejeringo. The best part of this dish is you can have it for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Or any other time, for that matter…

Churros con chocolate, some of our favorite comfort food in Malaga!
Any time is good for churros and chocolate!

Baked Potato from Las Papas del Museo

Last but not least, our list of comfort food would be incomplete without giving this baked potato a special mention. While not technically a traditional Malagueño dish, it has to be included for the simple reason that it’s one of the best baked potatoes going. Honestly, you can have everything you can think of on this potato all at once! Super filling, hearty, and delicious.

Baked potato, some of our favorite comfort food dishes in Malaga
We weren’t kidding when we said it was the best baked potato going! Photo credit: Las Papas del Museos

We hope you feel more prepared for a chilly day in Malaga! If you’d love to learn more about this fascinating city, why not check out one of our delicious food tours

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