Warm Up With These Delicious Soups and Stews in Malaga

We can’t complain when it comes to winter in Malaga. The skies are clear, we’re blessed with calm conditions, but it does get cold – we swear! When the cold season comes, it’s time for hearty stews and soup, and these are our favorites.

Malaga may be best known for its amazing beaches and many days of sun, but the city can also get incredibly cold. You’ll see locals wrapped up and taking to the streets as normal, but their go-to tapas do change with the weather. Warm, wholesome, and hearty dishes take center stage as we leave the typical light Malaga foods aside. Check out these delicious soups and stews in Malaga and ensure you don’t catch a chill during your visit.

Winter has well and truly arrived and it's time to warm up with these delicious soups and stews in Malaga! Hearty, wholesome and so tasty!

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Gazpachuelo is a delicious, hearty stew that actually originated in Malaga. Traditionally a staple dish for local fisherman, it is the king of all the delicious soups and stews in Malaga. Typically, the fish sits in a broth with garlic, olive oil, and egg yolk. If you’re in the city in winter, you can’t miss out on it!

Delicious stews and soups in Malaga are plentiful, but the fishy gazpachuela is extra special
The delicious fisherman’s stew gazpachuelo is a staple winter dish in Malaga. Photo Credit: Hogarmania

Puchero Malagueño

You can find a puchero in every traditional bar across Andalucia, but it varies from region to region. Typically made from a base of chickpeas, we add meat, vegetables and salty bones to delicious effect. The Malaga version has a dash of rice added which gives it a unique consistency. Versatile and delicious, the leftovers often go into croquettes or other rice dishes.

Traditionally a northern dish, fabada is typically made of pinto beans in the south of Spain
Fabada, made with pinto beans, is a delicious winter dish to enjoy in Malaga. Photo Credit: Cuchillito y Tenedor


Beans are an essential in every Spanish kitchen, and the stews locals make from them are exceptional. Perhaps the most famous fabada is from Asturias in the north of Spain, but the Malaga one certainly competes. Made with pinto beans, this is up there with the best delicious soups and stews in Malaga. Not to be missed if you’re planning a winter vacation to the city.


Chicken soup, to us, just screams winter comfort food. Flavorsome, warm, easy to prepare and incredibly delicious. That’s exactly what you get with picadillo. The chicken is finely chopped, along with a hard-boiled egg, some jamón and some small, thin noodles. Perfect for those cold winter nights!

Stewed potatoes with meat, veg and delicious broth make for the ultimate winter dish in Malaga
A delicious potato stew sounds like good hearty comfort food to us! Photo Credit: Fuerte Hoteles

Guisaillo de Papas

What hearty meal is without its dose of potatoes, the ultimate comfort food ingredient. Guisaillo de papas translates to stewed potatoes, which indicates the star ingredient. Potatoes are a common ingredient in Spanish food, but not so common in stews. Normally, locals will add veal or beef along with healthy doses of paprika and black pepper. When it comes to delicious soups and stews in Malaga, guisaillo is a must try.

Want to learn more about the typical food and drink of Malaga? Join us on one of our food tours to live an authentic foodie experience in the city. We’ll try local specialties in traditional bars, learning about the history as we go! we hope to see you soon.

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